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1. The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of howmany members?

2. Which are the The best and the poorest conductors of heat respectively?

3. From which sector does the highest sector wise contribution to gross domestic saving comes?

4. Which State has the largest coastline in India?

5. The first Governor-General of India was appointed under the provisions of which act?

6. Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to which field?

7. In dry regions, the leaf size of a tree becomes smaller why?

8. Howmany subjects are in the State List?

9. The Sivasamudram Falls is on which river?

10. With reference to the Revolt of 1857, who laid siege to Jhansi in March 1858 ?

11. Which metal is not attacked by the environment?

12. Which book brought the first Nobel Prize to an Indian?

13. Why has the per capita income been low in India?

14. The ‘Chilka lake region’ lies in between the deltas of which rivers–

15. Dhondu Pant is better known as which name?

16. What is richest source of vitamin D is?

17. The distribution of power between Centre and the States is based on which scheme?

18. When light passes from air into glass it experiences change in which things?

19. What is Crop rotation?

20. Whose ideas had Influenced Mahatma Gandhi’s thought?

Answer :

1. 250 2. Silver (Ag), and lead (Pb) 3. Household sector 4. Gujarat 5. 1833 6. Literature 7. Reduce transpiration 8. 66

subjects 9. Cauvery 10. Sir Hugh Rose11. Gold 12. Gitanjali 13. Because of population growth 14. Mahahadi and

Godavari 15. Nana Saheb 16. Cod liver oil 17. Government of India Act, 1935 18. Wavelength and speed 19. Growing

different crops-in succession 20. Tolstoy

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