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1. A deuterium nucleus consists of which particles?

2. With which field is Begum Akhtar associated?

3. In which year, some more commercial banks in addition to the first lot of 141 were nationalised in India?

4. Penganga, Wardha and Wainganga are the tributaries of which river?

5. What was the first discourse of Buddha at Deer Park in Sarnath called?

6. A person feel fatigued due to depositon of which acid in their muscles?

7. In which country does State funding of elections take place?

8. What is the quantity that remains unchanged in a transformer?

9. Which planet take maximum time for one revolution around the Sun?

10. Which inscription describes the achievements of Kharavela, king of Kalinga ?

11. Who has been designated as the chairman by the IBA?

12. ‘Asian Drama’, by Gunnar Karl Myrdal, is a book on which subjects?

13. In the retina of eye cells what is present for colour differentiation?

14. When will the Smith-tuttle comet crash with Earth?

15. St. Thomas came to India in 1st century A. D. to propogate christianity. During which reign did he come?

16. The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?

17. How many moles are there is 140 g of Si (atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

18. In which plan was the objective of self-reliance and zero net foreign aid declared?

19. What is the approximate circumference of the Earth?

20. Which Sultan of Delhi had accepted the Suzerainty of the Timurid ruler Mirza Shah Rukh ?

Answer :

1. One proton and one neutron 2. Vocal Music 3. 1980 4. Godavari 5. Dharmachakrapravartan 6. Latic Acid 7.

Germany and Austria 8. Frequency 9. Jupiter 10. Hathigunipha inscription 11. K. R. Kamath 12. Economics 13.

Cones 14. In 2116 AD 15. Gondophernes 16. British Monarch 17. 5 18. Fourth 5-Yr Plan 19. 30,000 km 20. Khizr Khan


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