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1. If the current in the core decreases, what will the strength of the magnetic field be?

2. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission?

3. The Govt. of India does not provide any direct financial assistance to which scheme?

4. Why is fog common around Newfoundland coast?

5. When Raja Wodeyar founded the kingdom of Mysore, who was the ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire?

6. Which tissue help in keeping the body warm?

7. Which State sends the maximum number of members to the Rajya Sabha?

8. Which gas has maximum colorific value?

9. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?

10. Who was the head of the Committee formed by the government to enquire into Jallianwala Bagh massa-


11. Limba Ram is associated with which field?

12. Ms. Shilpa Singh Miss India Universe belongs to which city?

13. A molecule of glucose on complete oxidation yields howmany ATP molecules in case of aerobic respira-


14. Kanchipuram is in which state?

15. Who was known as the ‘Liberator of the Press’ ?

16. By whom is the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee appointed?

17. A lighted candle gets extinguished when covered with a tumbler. Why?

18. With which India’s progress has been reasonably satisfactory in connection?

19. Which river flows between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges?

20. Which was a journal brought out by Abul Kalam Azad ?

Answer :

1. Decreases 2. Bits per second 3. Jeevan Sathi Yojana 4. Because warm and cold currents meet 5. Ranga II 6. Fatty

tissue 7. Uttar Pradesh 8. Oil gas 9. Silvassa 10. Hunter 11. Sports 12. Sawastipur 13. 36 14. Tamil Nadu 15. Metcalfe

16. Speaker 17. Because of inadequate supply of air 18. Growth of GNP 19. Narmada 20. Al -Hilal

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