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1. The famous book’ The Daughter of the East’ is written by which woman?

2. In anaerobic respiration, what is the net gain of ATP per glucose molecule oxidised?

3. By whom are the Chairman and members of State Public Service Commission appointed?

4. Which is an east flowing river of Indian Peninsula?

5. Against whom did Gandhiji started Satyagraha movement in 1919 in protest?

6. The elements of group VA are generally known as which name?

7. ‘In Custody’, an English novel, is written by which woman?

8. How is development?

9. Apart from Tamil Nadu, lignite is found in which state?

10. Who started the newspaper called the “Voice of India” ?

11. In Which kind of organisms is the phenomenon found wherein the female kills the male after copulation?

12. Who appoints the Chairman of the UPSC ?

13. Which pairs of rays is electromagnetic in nature?

14. Which State of India has the largest reserves of monazite, with a high thorium content?

15. At the beginning of the twentieth century, who published ‘The Economic: History of India’ ?

16. The United Nations declared 2013 as which International Year?

17. When is World Day Against Death Penalty, recognized by the WCADP observed?

18. In which animal, is skin a respiratory organ?

19. Which kind of organisms are the diatoms?

20. Which Sultan had greatest number of slaves in his court?

Answer :

1. Ms. Benazir Bhutto 2. 2 3. President 4. Mahanadi 5. Enactment of Rowlatt Act 6. Pnicogens 7. Anita Desai 8.

Wider than economic growth 9. Gujarat 10. Dababhai Naoroji 11. Spider 12. President 13. x-rays and gamma rays 14.

Kerala 15. Romesh Chandra Dutt 16. Quinoa 17. October 10 18. Frog 19. Unicellular algae 20. Firoz shah Tughlaq

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