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1. What is abiotic component of ecosystem?

2. What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj System called?

3. What is not the cause of low conductivity of electrolyte?

4. What is the amount of actual water vapour of air?

5. Who was the head of the University of Nalanda the great Bengali scholar?

6. The famous Petronas Twin Towers are located in which country?

7. How is Missile ‘Astra’?

8. Epiphytes are plant which depend on other plants for which purpose?

9. Scanty rainfall of less than 50 cm per annum is received which latitudes?

10. Which ruler is most famous for building a large number of canals for irrigation?

11. The amendment procedure laid down in the Constitution of India is on which pattern?

12. Cooking gas is a mixture of which gases?

13. What is the main objective of Antyodaya programme?

14. Which type of rainfall occurs at places having continental type of climate?

15. Who was assigned the first Iqta in India by Mohammad Ghori ?

16. Where is the headquarters of the International Telecommunications Union?

17. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?

18. Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?

19. Which is the largest volcano crater in the world?

20. Which is similar to the Taj Mahal in construction?

Answer :

1. Water 2. Panchayat Samiti 3. Ionisation of salt 4. Absolute humidity 5. Sheelabhadra 6. Malaysia 7. A air to air

missile 8. Mechanical support 9. The areas of high latitudes 10. Firoz Shah Tughlaq 11. Constitution of South Africa

12. Butane and propane 13. Uplift the poor 14. Cyclonic 15. Qutbuddin Aibak 16. Geneva 17. Lactic acid 18. Jawaharlal

Nehru 19. Toba (Indonesia) 20. Humayun’s tomb

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