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1. The year 1995 is the golden Jubilee year of which international organizations?

2. As per latest data in urban areas women employment is highest in which industry areas?

3. By which doctor was the first successful heart transplant in India performed?

4. Petroleum is generally found in which rocks?

5. Who was regarded as ‘Zinda pir’?

6. In which State was the Panchayatl Raj first introduced?

7. Which contain high content of lead?

8. When is World Malaria Day, recoginzed by the WHO observed?

9. Which Rocks are formed by the solidification of lava on the earth’s surface?

10. When did the British Govt. start ruling India directly?

11. Chris Even’s name is associated with which sport?

12. Which Photosynthetic organelles are found in plant cells?

13. In which year was Panchayati Raj started in the country?

14. Which is the highest grade of coal whose surface is shining and has the highest calorific value?

15. Nadir Shah invaded India during which reign?

16. What is the approximate velocity of light per second?

17. On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax?

18. ‘Ashes’ is the term associated with which sport?

19. Where is Pakistan’s nuclear power plant located?

20. Who recaptured Delhi from the rebels for the British?

Answer :

1. UNO 2. Retail Trade 3. Dr. Venugopal 4. Folded marine sedimentary rocks 5. Aurangzeb 6. Rajasthan 7. High

octane fuel 8. April 25 9. Basalts. 10. After Sepoy Mutiny 11. Tennis 12. Chloroplast 13. 1959 14. Anthracite 15.

Muhammed Shah 16. 3 × 108

 m 17. Incomes 18. Football 19. Kahuta 20. John Nicholson

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