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1. Which Indian missile is capable of carrying nuclear weapons?

2. Which Scientists has established the ‘Phylum Annelida’?

3. How is the censorship of the press judged?

4. Plants which lack true roots, stems and leaves are called by which name?

5. In Rigvedic society, which was unknown?

6. Why are Clear nights colder than cloudy nights?

7. What is the investment in public works?

8. Which was India’s first-ever tactical missile?

9. Which product is the export leading from India in the terms of value?

10. Which edicts mentions the personal name of Ashoka ?

11. Human protein x –1– antitrysin is used for which disease?

12. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submit its report?

13. Which does not wet the walls of the glass vessel in which it is kept?

14. Which industry does not earn foreign exchange for India?

15. To whom was the title 'Devanam Priya' given?

16. Where is the Central Food Technology Research Institute situated?

17. What does Net factor income from abroad added to GDP give?

18. Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with which desease?

19. Which is the planet its length of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the earth?

20. Where did the Pallava kings make of rock-cut temples?

Answer :

1. Prithvi 2. Lamark 3. By the test of reasonableness 4. Thallophytes 5. Child marriage 6. Because of Radiation 7.

Capital expenditure 8. Agni 9. Gems and Jwellery 10. Maski 11. Emphysama 12. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha 13.

Mercury 14. Fertilizers 15. Ashoka 16. Mysore 17. GNP 18. Lead 19. Mars 20. Mahabalipuram

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