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1. Which is the highest and final judicial tribunal in respect of the Constitution of India?

2. If a U-238 nucleus splits into two identical parts, how will the two nuclei be so produced?

3. Where is the Securities and Exchange Board of India located?

4. Which is the hottest planet?

5. By whom was the temple of Konark built?

6. Which year is celebrated as International Year of Quinoa?

7. Which plant produces seeds but not flowers?

8. Which is not the concern of the local government?

9. What is the distance between two consecutive longitudes (910 E and 920 E) at-the Poles?

10. Who was the founder of the second Afghan Empire in India?

11. Which metal is used for making boats because it does not corrode by seawater?

12. Why is Poverty in less developed countries largely?

13. When is the Commonwealth Day observed by its member countries?

14. How many kilometres are represented by 10 of latitude?

15. What was the official language of the Delhi sultanate?

16. For which snake is the diet mainly composed of other snakes?

17. In which part is the provision of amending the Constitutional Provision is given?

18. If a proton of mass m is moving with the velocity of light, what will its mass be?

19. The highest annual precipitation occurs in which basin?

20. Which popular Sufi Silsilah tried to counteract the liberal religious policy of Akbar?

Answer :

1. Supreme Court 2. Stable 3. Mumbai 4. Venus 5. Narsimha of the Eastern Ganges 6. 2013 7. Groundnut 8. Public

Utility Services 9. 0 km 10. Sher Shah Suri 11. Titanium 12. Due to income inequality 13. May 24 14. 111 km 15. Persian

16. King cobra 17. Part XX Article 368 18. Infinite 19. Amazon basin 20. Naqshbandi

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