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1. Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of things?

2. Which is the ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy?

3. Which metal causes Itai-itai disease?

4. Which state is the percentage of forest area to total geographical area the highest?

5. Who was the most radia of the Bhakti Saints?

6. What is the number of plant species estimated to be present in India?

7. In which part of the Constitution the concept of Welfare State finds elaboration?

8. Which is the example of ideal black body?

9. Aretes are sharp ridges which develop between adjacent?

10. In which year, the Battle of Buxar was fought?

11. The International Court of Justice was established in which year?

12. On which bast is the India’s wage policy?

13. Which is the first national park established in India?

14. The term ‘truncated spur’ is associated with which process?

15. Who was the Governor General when the first Anglo- Burmese was started?

16. Which writ is a bulwark of personal freedom?

17. Glass is made of the mixture of which things?

18. When was the Universal Postal Union (UPU) establish?

19. Which activity occupies the largest area of the world?

20. From where The Great Granary of the Indus Valley Civilization has been discovered?

Answer :

1. Oxygen with acetylene 2. Jan.-June 3. Cadmium 4. Arunachal Pradesh 5. Kabir 6. 40,000 7. Directive Principles 8.

A pin hole box 9. Cirques 10. 1764 11. 1946 12. Cost of living 13. Corbet 14. Glacial process 15. Lord Amherst 16.

Habeas Corpus 17. Sand and silicates 18. 1874 19. Pastoral herding 20. Mohenjodaro

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