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1. Which laser type is used in a laser printer?

2. Under VAT, how many slabs are there?

3. In plant body, by which the water and minerals are transported?

4. Wood pulp comes from which region?

5. Which first Mughal building to have been built entirely of marble?

6. After howmany years is Election of Rajya Sabha held?

7. Which element has two electrons in the K-shell only?

8. How much is one barrel of oil approximately equal to?

9. Where are the oceanic current named as ‘Kuroshio, Kurile and Alaskan’ located?

10. Which is the oldest surviving newspaper in India?

11. Charles Correa has distinguished himself in which field?

12. Major part of CO2

 is transported to respiratory surface in form of which ion?

13. The powers of the Election Commission are given in which Article of the Constitution?

14. Which sea is without a coasts?

15. Who remarked ‘the bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India’ ?

16. What is the energy of the winds and the waves?

17. What is the cause of inflation?

18. Michael Jackson was a distinguished personality in which field?

19. Which can come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca ?

20. Who founded the Banaras Hindu University?

Answer :

1. Dye laser 2. 4 3. Xylum 4. Coniferous forest region 5. Itmad-ud-Daula’s tomb 6. 2 years 7. Helium 8. 159 litres 9.

North Pacific Ocean 10. Bombay Samachar 11. Architecture 12. HCO3

 ion 13. 324 14. Sargasso sea 15. William

Bentinck 16. Kinetic 17. Increase in money supply and fall in production 18. Pop music 19. Singapore 20. Madan

Mohan Malviya

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