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1. Who has the final power to maintain order within the House of People ?

2. X210 has half life of 5 day. What is the time taken for seven-eights of sample of X210 to decay?

3. What is Sagar Samrat’?

4. The Appalachian coal fields, one of the important coal fields in the world, are located in which country?

5. Which was the most prominent industry that f1uorished during the Mughal period?

6. Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?

7. Which root contain nitroen fixing bacteria ?

8. During whose pleasure does teh Attorney General of India hold office?

9. Which is the producer of copper?

10. By whom was ltmad-ud-daula’s tomb at Agra was built?

11. A gas is found to have the formula (CO)n

. Its vapour density is 70. What must the value of n be?

12. Which is the place where bankers meet and settle their mutual claims and accounts?

13. Limba Ram is associated with which fields?

14. Which coastline formed by the submergence of mountain ridges running parallel to the coast?

15. ‘India for the Indians’ was the political message of which social reformer?

16. What is considered as the drug of last resort for human being?

17. Who is the Father of local self government in India?

18. What are Alpha rays emitted from a radioactive substance?

19. Which is not an important condition for growth of coral?

20. Where was the Arya Samaj setup for the first time in 1875 ?

Answer :

1. Speaker 2. 15 days 3. A drilling ship in Bombay High 4. U.S.A. 5. Cotton textiles 6. Bachendri Pal 7. Nodulated root

8. President 9. Chile 10. Nur Jahan 11. 5 12. Clearing House 13. Sports 14. Dalmation coast 15. Dayanand Saraswati

16. Chloramphenical 17. Lord Ripon 18. Helium nuclear 19. Wave-free salt water 20. Bombay

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