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How much do you know about 1922?

 How much do you know about 1922?


1. Who is chosen as the Premier of the first Irish government?

2. Which famous British explorer dies in the Antarctic this year? 

3. The sovereign independence of China is guaranteed by a nine power

conference, ending in which treaty?

4. In India, who is jailed for six years for sedition?

5. Which poem by T.S Eliot, published this year, opens with the declaration ‘April

is the cruellest month’?

6. Canadian physiologist Frederick Banting leads a team which isolates the

hormone which controls the level of sugar in the blood.What is the name of

the hormone?

7. A Hollywood scandal destroys the career of which star?

8. Who is appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party of Russia?

9. The German foreign minister is murdered by Nationalists.What is his name?

10. Which Eastern European state is admitted to the League of Nations?

11. Death of the famous Scots-American inventor of the telephone.What is his


12. The book Ulysses is published and makes its already well-known author a world

figure.What is his name?

13. Howard Carter discovers the tomb of which Pharaoh?

14. First radio broadcast by which future giant of the airwaves? 

15. Who is the Danish physicist who wins the Nobel Prize for his work on the

structure of the atom?


1. Michael Collins. 2. Sir Ernest Shackleton. 3.Treaty of Washington. 4. Mahatma

Gandhi. 5.The Waste Land. 6. Insulin 7. Roscoe ‘Fatty’Arbuckle. 8.Joseph Stalin. 9.

Walter Rathenau. 10. Hungary. 11.Alexander Graham Bell. 12. James Joyce. 13.

Tutankhamen. 14. B.B.C. 15. Niels Bohr.

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