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How much do you know about 1923?

 How much do you know about 1923?


1. Fascist militia formed in which European country?

2. What causes tension to rise between France and Germany?

3. First NAZI rally held in Germany, in which town?

4. In the U.S, what is introduced for the first time, in the states Nevada and


5. Death of which great French-born actress?

6. In the U.K the Duke of York gets married.To whom?

7. Which famous Mexican bandit is shot to death?

8. After the death of President Warren Harding, the U.S.Vice-President is sworn in.

What is his name?

9. Russia formally changes its name to what?

10. Which Turkish statesman is elected President?

11. A massive earthquake brings death to 150,000 people and devastates which


12. Which German physicist who discovered X-Rays dies this year?

13. Death of which French engineer, renowned for his bridges and viaducts, and for

one tower in particular?

14. An abortive coup in Munich brings to the world’s attention, for the first time


15. First F.A. Cup Final to be played at Wembley Stadium results in a win for which



1. Italy. 2.War reparations. 3. Munich. 4. Old-age pensions. 5. Sarah Bernhardt. 6. Lady

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. 7. Pancho Villa. 8. Calvin Coolidge. 9. Union of Soviet Socialist

Republics. 10. Mustafa Kemal. 11.Tokyo. 12.Wilhelm von Rontgen. 13. Gustav Eiffel.

14.Adolf Hitler. 15. Bolton Wanderers.

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