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How much do you know about 1924?

How much do you know about 1924?


1. Death of which "architect of the Russian revolution"?

2. France signs an alliance agreement with which other state?

3. In the U.S. George Gershwin gives the first performance of which masterpiece?

4. And who becomes the long-serving head of the F.B.I.?

5. American troops are sent to which central American country?

6. Which European country declares itself a republic?

7. Britain is the first major power to recognise which state?

8. In the U.S a notorious murder case happens.The perpetrators?

9. Which great Italian composer dies this year?

10. … leaving his last opera unfinished. Its name?

11. The German author Thomas Mann publishes which great novel?

12. In the U.S a bill is passed to limit ….. what?

13. In elections in South Africa, Smut’s South African Party is defeated by which 

other Party?

14. A mysterious affair undermines the first Labour government in Britain.What is

at the heart of the matter?

15. The 8th modern Olympic Games takes place in which city?


1. Lenin. 2. Czechoslovakia. 3. Rhapsody in Blue. 4. J. Edgar Hoover. 5. Honduras. 6.

Greece. 7. U.S.S.R. 8. Leopold and Loeb. 9. Giacomo Puccini. 10.Turandot. 11.The

Magic Mountain. 12. Immigration. 13.The Nationalist Party. 14.The Zinoviev Letter.

15. Paris.

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