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How much do you know about 1925?

How much do you know about 1925?


1. In the U.S, for the first time, a woman becomes a State Governor. Of which state?

2. Who is elected President of Germany?

3. The ‘Father of modern China’ dies.What is his name?

4. The U.S state of Tennessee bans teaching about … what?

5. A young American teacher is taken to court in Tennessee for teaching

‘Darwinism’.What is his name?

6. In the ensuing ‘Monkeyville’ trial, two great lawyers come face to face.Their

names please? 

7. Which military leader is elected President of Germany?

8. Which island is added to the British Empire as a colony?

9. A huge Klu Klux Klan parade takes place in which city?

10. Italian troops invade which African country?

11. Which Irish playwright wins the Nobel prize for literature?

12. The "Dawes Plan" for the reconstruction of Germany wins the Nobel Prize for

Peace for its two architects. One was obviously the U.S.Vice President Charles

Gates Dawes.Who was the other?

13. A new Noel Coward comedy opens in the West End.What is its title?

14. Which work by Franz Kafka is published posthumously?

15. Death of which British military leader who took the title 1st Earl of Ypres when



1.Wyoming. 2. Paul von Hindenburg. 3. Dr Sun Yat-Sen. 4. Evolution. 5. John T.

Scopes. 6. Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. 7. Paul von Hindenburg. 8.

Cyprus. 9.Washington D.C. 10. Somaliland. 11. G.B. Shaw. 12. British Foreign

Secretary, Sir Austen Chamberlain. 13. Hay Fever. 14.The Trial. 15. John French.

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