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How much do you know about 1927?

How much do you know about 1927?


1. Capital punishment reintroduced and trial by jury abolished in which European


2. Allied military control of which European country ends?

3. Revolt against military dictatorship in which European country?

4. Which 10-year-old violin prodigy brings his Paris audience to its feet?

5. Which British sportsman sets a new world land speed record?

6. Which other British sportsman then raises the world land speed record yet


7. In Australia, the new Parliament house is opened, in which city?

8. Collapse of Germany’s economy is called … ?

9. Which American aviator is the first to fly the Atlantic solo?

10. Which two Italian-born anarchists are executed in the U.S.A. for robbery and

murder after a dubious trial?

11. What revolution occurred in the field of entertainment?

12. Death of which American-born Irish politician, renowned for the violence of his

language in speeches?

13. In China, the tomb of which Mongol war lord is discovered?

14. British author Henry Williamson publishes which novel about wildlife, destined

to become famous?

15. Which German physicist publishes a theory of uncertainty in the field of

quantum physics?


1. Italy. 2. Germany. 3. Portugal. 4.Yehudi Menuhin. 5. Malcolm Campbell. 6. Henry

Segrave. 7. Canberra. 8. Black Friday. 9. Charles Lindbergh. 10. Sacco and Vanzetti. 11.

Talking pictures (‘talkies’). 12. John Dillon. 13. Genghis Khan. 14.Tarka the Otter. 15.

Werner Heisenberg

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