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How much do you know about 1928?

How much do you know about 1928?


1. The first commercial transatlantic airship flight is made this year.What is the

name of the airship?

2. And which British literary giant dies this year?

3. In the U.S the first performance of George Gershwin’s new masterpiece.What

is it called?

4. And in Germany, which musical by Kurt Weil and Bertolt Brecht has its


5. Women’s suffrage reduced from 30 to what age in Britain?

6. Assassination of the president of which Central American country?

7. Coup d’etat in Egypt leads to the dissolution of Parliament for 3 years and

suppression of free press.Who leads the coup?

8. With which country does Italy sign a twenty-year treaty of friendship?

9. In Paris, 23 nations sign the Kellogg-Briand pact which sets out to do… what?

10. First performance of an exciting piece of music by Spanish composer Maurice

Ravel .What is it called?

11. Albania declares itself a kingdom, under which king?

12. Death of Britain’s first lady of the Shakespearean stage and one-time partner of

Henry Irving.What is her name?

13. Sir Alexander Fleming makes, by accident, a medical discovery of immense

significance.What name does he give to it?

14. Ninth modern Olympic Games staged, in which city?

15. First state pensions handed out in which country?


1. The Graf Zeppelin. 2.Thomas Hardy. 3.An American In Paris. 4.The Threepenny

Opera (Dreigroschenoper). 5. 21. 6. Mexico. 7. King Fuad. 8. Ethiopia. 9.To outlaw

war. 10. Bolero. 11. Zog. 12. Ellen Terry. 13. Penicillin. 14.Amsterdam. 15. United


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