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How much do you know about 1929?

How much do you know about 1929?


1. Which American astronomer propounds the theory which states that the

apparent velocities of receding universes are proportional to their distance

from us?

2. In Britain a woman becomes a Member of the Cabinet as Minister of Labour, for

the first time.What is her name?

3. In Germany, author Erich Maria Remarque publishes which classic anti-war


4. The Lateran Treaty establishes the independence of which part of Rome?

5. An R.A.F. plane makes the first non-stop flight from Britain to…?

6. Hollywood institutes a tradition with the first Academy Awards ceremony. How

do the awards later come to be known? 

7. Which American boot-legger and gangster lost seven members of his gang to Al

Capone’s killers, in the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre?

8. Violent clashes in Palestine between Arabs and Jews about the right of Jewish

access to which sacred site?

9. Which French ‘Generalissimo’ of allied forces, who drove back the Germans on

the Western Front in 1918, dies this year?

10. Death which Austrian poet and librettist for Richard Strauss and co-founder of

the Salzburg Festival?

11. Death of Russian born impresario and founder of the Ballets Russes.What is his


12. What happens on what is called ‘Black Thursday’?

13. This event leads to an era, known internationally as?

14. Which province of China is invaded by Japan?

15. Death of which French statesman, known as ‘The Tiger’, whose intransigence

towards Germany in 1919 may have contributed towards the outbreak of the

2nd World War.


1. Edwin Hubble. 2. Margaret Bondfield. 3.All Quiet On The Western Front (Im

Westen Nichts Neues). 4.Vatican City. 5. India. 6.The Oscars. 7. George ‘Bugs’ Moran.

8.The Wailing Wall. 9. Ferdinand Foch. 10. Hugo von Hofmannsthal. 11. Sergei

Diaghilev. 12.The Wall Street Crash. 13.The Depression. 14. Manchuria. 15. Georges


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