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How much do you know about 1930?

How much do you know about 1930?


1. As part of the drive to collectivise farms in the USSR, Stalin displaces

10,000,000 peasant farmers. By what name are these peasants known?

2. Approximately how many die as a result?

3. In India, Ghandi organises what protest against the Salt Tax?

4. Which British airship crashes in Northern France in October, killing 44 people?

5. Death of which British lyric poet, particularly well known for his last work The

Testament of Beauty?

6. The German Admiral responsible for rebuilding the German Navy to compete

with the Royal Navy dies this year.What is his name?

7. Which American author wins the Nobel Prize?

8. Amy Johnson makes an epic solo flight from London to…?

9. Which ethnic minority rebels in Persia and Turkey?

10. What invention changes photography?

11. Which nation wins football’s inaugural World Cup competition?

12. Which new Noel Coward comedy opens in the West End?

13. France begins building a major defence system, called …. ?

14. Ras Tafari becomes the new Emperor of Ethiopia.What name does he take? 

15. Which German boxer becomes World Heavyweight Champion?


1. Kulaks. 2. 6,000,000. 3. March to the Sea. 4. R101. 5. Robert Bridges. 6.Admiral

Alfred von Tirpitz. 7. Sinclair Lewis. 8.Australia. 9.The Kurds. 10.The flash bulb. 11.

Uruguay. 12. Private Lives. 13. Maginot Line. 14. Haille Selassie. 15. Max Schmeling.

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