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How much do you know about 1933?

 How much do you know about 1933?


1. Who becomes Chancellor of Germany and assumes dictatorial powers?

2. Who becomes the new French Prime Minister?

3. Which English bowler earns a disagreeable reputation for his ‘bodyline

bowling’ during the tour of Australia?

4. Which country quits the League of Nations after world condemnation of its

behaviour in China?

5. Which government building in Berlin is burnt down, apparently by a


6. After a military coup, who becomes President of Cuba?

7. All opposition parties are banned in which country?

8. France gives political asylum to which Russian émigré?

9. Roosevelt persuades Congress to adopt his National Industry Recovery Act, as

part of what he calls his… ?

10. Which British tennis player wins the U.S. Open?

11. The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is passed by Congress.What does

it do?

12. Who is the star of the Reuben Mamoulian film Queen Christina?

13. Death of the German poet whose work contained neither punctuation nor

capitals. His name please ?

14. The first concentration camp in Germany opens where?

15. Which American aviator flies around the world in less than eight days?


1.Adolf Hitler. 2. Edouard Daladier. 3. Harold Larwood. 4. Japan. 5.The Reichstag. 6.

Fulgencio Batista. 7. Germany. 8. Leon Trotsky. 9. New Deal. 10. Fred Perry. 11.

Repeals prohibition. 12. Greta Garbo. 13. Stefan George. 14. Dachau, near Munich.

15.Wiley Post.

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