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How much do you know about 1934?

How much do you know about 1934?


1. In France, a large scale perpetrator of bonds frauds, dies in bizarre circum-

stances, leading to a political crisis and the resignation of the Prime Minister.

What is his name? 

2. Confidentiality of banking services, facilities and activities is guaranteed by Act

of Parliament. In which country?

3. The King of Belgium dies and is succeeded by his son, who takes what title? 

4. The Japanese appoint the last Emperor of China (before it becomes a republic)

Emperor of Manchuria. His name is …. ?

5. What are introduced in Britain for the first time?

6. Italian born nuclear physicist splits the nuclei of uranium atoms by

bombarding them with neutrons. His name please?

7. What name is given to the Hitler purge of the Nazi party of his opponents? 

8. Mount Everest claims the life of British climber…?

9. The Austrian Chancellor is assassinated in an abortive fascist coup. His name,


10. In the U.S. Public Enemy No. 1 is caught and shot dead by the agents of the

F.B.I.What is his name?

11. Which visiting European monarch is assassinated in France?

12. In Germany, after the death of President von Hindenburg,Adolf Hitler combines

the Presidency with the Chancellorship and takes a new title.What is it?

13. Which country is admitted to the League of Nations?

14. In China, the Communist retreat becomes known as…?

15. Three gifted British composers die. Name any of them.


1.Alex Stavinsky. 2. Switzerland. 3. King Leopold III. 4. Pu Yi. 5. Driving tests. 6.

Enrico Fermi. 7.The Night of the Long Knives. 8. Maurice Wilson. 9. Engelbert

Dolfuss. 10. John Dillinger. 11. King Alexander of Yugoslavia. 12. Der Führer. 13.

U.S.S.R. 14.The Long March. 15. Elgar, Holst, Delius.

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