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How much do you know about 1935?

How much do you know about 1935?

1. Which airline is the first to inaugurate regular trans-Pacific flights?

2. Which country is the first to legalise abortion?

3. The first broadcast quiz programme ever is aired in which country?

4. First performance of which T.S. Eliot drama …?

5. Death of T.E. Lawrence, British scholar and soldier who played a leading role in

the Arab revolt against the Turks. By what name is he better known?

6. Premiere in the U.S of which George Gershwin opera?

7. What is the name of the scale formulated to measure the intensity of


8. What is the name of the British inventor of RADAR?

9. In Utah, Malcolm Campbell sets a new world land speed of 301.337 m.p.h.

What is the name of his racing car?

10. Italy renames its North African colonies Cyrenaica,Tripoli and Fezzan.What

does it call them?

11. In China the ‘Long March’ ends, during which one man establishes himself as

undisputed Communist leader.Who?

12. In Germany, the Luftwaffe is formed, under whose command?

13. As what is Persia renamed?

14. Abyssinia invaded by troops from which European power?

15. In Britain, who is chosen as new leader by the Labour party?


1. Pan Am. 2. Iceland. 3. Canada. 4. Murder in the Cathedral. 5. Lawrence of Arabia. 6.

Porgy and Bess. 7. Richter Scale. 8. Robert Watson-Wyatt. 9. Bluebird. 10. Libya. 11.

Mao Tse-Tung. 12. Herman Goering. 13. Iran. 14. Italy. 15. Clement Attlee.

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