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GK Today Questions & Answers Date 09/05/2022

Q1. Which country has the highest level of the Human Development Index (HDI) most of the time ?

Ans:- Norway

Q2. The European Union (EU) was formed in which year ?

Ans:- 1993

Q3. Which is the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced and sold globally ?

Ans:- Serum Institute of India

Q4. Which is the full name of J.K. Rowling ?

Ans:- joanne Kathleen Rowling

Q5. Which Is the world's tallest statue ?

Ans:- Statue of Unity

Q6. which is the oldest tennis tournament in the world ?

Ans- Wimbledon

Q7. What is the full form of intergovernmental organization NATO?

Ans:- North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Q8. A Privately held startup company valued at over US$1 billion is called ?

Ans:- Unicorn

Q9. Who became the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize?

Ans:- Edith Wharton

Q10. Which is the national animal of Algeria ?

Ans:- Fennec Fox

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