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How much do you know about 1936?

 How much do you know about 1936?


1. Death of British monarch George V. He is succeeded by his son, who takes

what title?

2. Death of British writer whose stories about India delight millions.Who is he?

3. In India who emerges as the new leader of the Indian Congress Party?

4, In defiance of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany reoccupies which officially

demilitarised province? 

5. Which well known British economist publishes his Theory of Employment,

Interest and Money?

6. Death of King Fuad of Egypt, who is succeeded by his son, named…? 

7. Spanish Civil War begins with a mutiny in the army.What is the name of the

leader who quickly emerges?

8. The Irish State governments outlaws which organisation?

9. Eleventh modern Olympic games staged in which city?

10. Which black U.S. athlete wins four gold medals, prompting Hitler to walk out in


11. In the U.S, the presidential elections lead to an extended mandate for which


12. King Edward VIII abdicates in order to marry which American divorcee?

13. In the U.S, Margaret Mitchell publishes which best selling novel?

14. In Paris, which Sergei Prokofiev opus is first performed?

15. In Hollywood, Charles Chaplin produces his satire on…?


1. King Edward VIII. 2. Rudyard Kipling. 3. Jawaharlal Nehru. 4.The Rhineland. 5.

John Maynard Keynes. 6. Farouk. 7. Francisco Franco. 8.The I.R.A. 9. Berlin. 10. Jesse

Owens. 11. F.D. Roosevelt. 12. Mrs Wallis Simpson. 13. Gone With The Wind. 14. Peter

and the Wolf. 15. Modern Times.

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