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How much do you know about 1937?

How much do you know about 1937?

1. In the U.S., which great bridge opens for business?

2. Which painting by Pablo Picasso depicts the bombing of a Spanish city by

German aeroplanes?

3. In the elections in India, which party takes the most seats?

4. Ernest Hemingway publishes a novel destined to become famous.What is its


5. Which British monarch is crowned in Westminster Abbey?

6. Who replaces S. Baldwin as Prime Minister of the U.K.?

7. Tragic death of which beautiful American film star?

8. In the U.S, Roosevelt signs an act designed to keep America out of Europe’s

problems.What is it called?

9. A steam engine breaks speed record for the Edinburgh–London run. It becomes

so famous that a piece of music is written for it.What is it?

10. The Irish Free State takes a new name.What is it?

11. Death of which famous U.S. composer who had done so much to get American

music respected around the world? 

12. At the Nuremberg Rally, Hitler demands more what for Germany?

13. Which German airship expodes attempting to moor at Lakehurst Naval Station,

New Jersey?

14. A world fair is held in which European capital?

15. Death of an American statesman, ex-secretary of war and of state; winner of the

Nobel peace prize in 1912. What is his name?


1.The Golden Gate Bridge. 2. Guernica. 3. Congress Party. 4.To Have and Have Not.

5. King George VI. 6. Neville Chamberlain. 7. Jean Harlow. 8. U.S Neutrality Act. 9.

Coronation Scot. 10. Eire. 11. George Gershwin. 12. Lebensraum (living-space). 13.

The Hindenburg. 14. Paris. 15. Elihu Root.

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